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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the morning where he escaped from fairfax inova hospital around 3:00 a.m. getting away from two guards keeping him there. he then carjacked two of the vehicles in annandale and after that the search ended up here in southeast d.c. where 25th street minnesota avenue and pennsylvania avenue all converge in southeast d.c. now, we have got continuing team coverage of this story for you this afternoon beginning with suzanne kennedy at the hospital. we have stephen tschida in southeast where it all ended. but let's begin now with northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg. he is in alexandria. jeff? jeff: leon 42-year-old wossen assaye appeared in federal court this afternoon at 3:30 wearing a white plastic jump suit. heavily shackled and watched over by four deputy u.s. marshals. he was officially charged with escaping the custody of the u.s. attorney general. it started well before the break of dawn. quickly escalating into an
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active man hunt involving hundreds of local and federal officers. >> we consider this man to be armed and dangerous. jeff: police say the 42-year-old wossen assaye was under observation at inova hospital after a suicide attempt several days ago at the alexandria city jail where he was facing charges related to a dozen local bank robberies. at 3:00 a.m. accident -- he managed to get loose grabbing by the female's gun followed by a male officer firing a shot. assaye escaped through the hospital as the neighboring areas went into lockdown. police say he later snuck into the trunk of a car at a nearby apartment complex. >> i don't know if the car was opened or still had to force his way in. jeff: the car's owner was soon on her way to work only to find assaye kicking in her back seat from inside the trunk. the car finally coming to a stop off backlick road. the female driver suffering minor physical injuries. >> she was screaming like crazy in the front seat.
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and as the car rolled back down i thought someone was hurt then. jeff: after the carjacking police say that assaye abandoned the vehicle and the gun later found inside. he was on foot for a bit before another carjacking. this time from residents at a home on cherry lane in annandale. >> flew right by him. guy had to jump out of the way. jeff: what followed was a constantly moving two hour search from the land and air spreading across annandale and before noon, a sighting and an arrest across the river in southeast washington. >> take a violent felon off the streets of our region. jeff: assaye is currently in the custody of the u.s. marshals. his next date in federal court is set for friday afternoon. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: ok jeff. today's escape is calling into question some of the procedures for inmates when they're taken to the hospital. and our suzanne kennedy will have more on that side of the
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story coming up at 5:30 today. so this morning's man hunt came to an abrupt end as leon mentioned in southeast d.c. after a passenger on a metro bus spotted wossen assaye and called 911. then police found the second carjacked vehicle and it was just across the potomac. stephen tschida is where that chase ended with what went down. stephen? stephen: alison still some uncertainty about exactly what happened here. but we were on the scene just before noon and it was right over here. right at this intersection where police finally caught up with wossen assaye. the escape that riveted thousands and fanned fear across the metro area ended in front of a handful of pedestrians. >> he was right there, you know by his coat and all that. they had him up against the car. stephen: this congested intersection is where a passenger on a metro bus spotted
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wossen assaye and called 911. while a chopper hovered above and pedestrians on the street watched the arrest -- >> tried to keep us back. stephen: karen dwyer was locked down in a nearby gas station. >> i didn't know if he was going to get out. they got him. stephen: ruthy bradford gibson was surprised to learn the identity of the man nabbed in front of her. she says it didn't like him. >> not to me it didn't compared to the picture on tv. it looked a little different than he was. stephen: we do understand that there has been some confusion about whether assaye was on the bus or whether that passenger spotted him on this street. we do believe that metro officials are reviewing surveillance video to try to get a better grip of exactly what went on here earlier today. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. alison: stephen, as you know, it was a busy day. in the midst of that search fairfax county police found themselves in another situation. officers chased a pickup truck after trying to make a traffic stop along route 50 near
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fairview park. virginia state police joined in that pursuit and the truck was finally stopped on the fairfax county parkway where it crosses interstate 95. the driver was arrested and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. coming up at 5:24 we'll tell you why that woman was wanted and why it has nothing to do with this morning's escaped inmate. leon: looks like one of the scenes coming out of california with all the car chases there. right now we're on storm watch. rain is trying to push into the area. doug hill standing by in the storm watch 7 weather center tracking the progress. doug? doug: that will be the problem with drivers around the area tonight dodging with the rain drops and dealing with the wet roads. get right to live super doppler radar. right now, the rain continues across the metro area. heaviest batch for the moment eastern shore, northern sections of delaware. everything is moving off to the east. so get some breaks and a little bit more shower activity through the evening. all as the cold front moves through. even with the rain still mild numbers. 70 degrees at reagan national
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airport. 72 at culpepper and luray. a little cooler where the rain has been falling. it will take until later tonight, one sky is clear and the winds turn to the north and west that we'll get the cooler air. winds gust 33 miles per hour at the top of the hour at reagan national. it's gusty but mild at the moment. later tonight as skies clear and the showers move out, temperatures will get colder with a northerly wind down to 37 by morning and anymore 70 degree days in our forecast? we'll let you know in a few minutes. alison? alison: we hope so. see you then. developing now, a recently fired firefighter is in police custody accused of holding his former co-workers hostage. it happened this morning in elkins park outside of philadelphia. police say the suspect held four firefighters at gun point and at one point actually shot into a wall. and negotiators convinced the gunman to surrender. police say that suspect was fired yesterday. leon: a music producer is
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heading to prison because he executed a man in front a young child. he has the story you'll see only on 7. reporter: it was november 2002. wesley king and his then 11-year-old daughter were walking to their silver spring apartment. clement reynolds upset over a recent drug deal ambushed the duo at gun point. one fatal the tore through king's face neck, and lungs. >> this is a cold and calculating killing as you can imagine. reporter: they used his cell phone records to track his trip from new york city to maryland on the night of the killing. within days, reynolds had created a new identity. he used it to launch an empire that netted him millions. police didn't catch the killer until 12 years later. >> he's heartless. reporter: king's adult daughter relieved by today's life sentence. >> my dad begged him for his life and he killed him anyway. >> no human being is perfect. he's a great man.
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reporter: this woman too nervous to show her face describe reynolds as a gentle giant and family man. >> biggest punishment that you could do is take them away from his kids. he's devastated right now. he's really hurting. >> he is an arrogant narcissist. he got off easy for 12 years. it's finally time to pay for what he did. reporter: in court, he stood up and says he prays for the king family on a daily basis and wishes them nothing but the best. to this very day, the 40-year-old music mogul claims he did not commit murder. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: new england patriots team owner robert kraft testified today in the trial of his former star tight end aaron hernandez. kraft told the court he questioned hernandez about his involvement in oden lloyd's murder two days after it happened. hernandez allegedly said he wasn't involved and he was in a club at the time. hernandez signed a new contract with the patriots prior to that
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murder investigation. he was later released by the time and the defense rested its case in the boss than marathon bombing trial. defense lawyers called just four witnesses. the lawyers admitted that dzhokhar tsarnaev participated in the bombings but said his late older brother was the mastermind. tsarnaev, if convicted, could face life in prison for the death penalty. leon: you can add the district and new york state to the growing list of places banning taxpayer funded travel to the state of indianapolis understandindiana. as the governor of indiana vows to fix the law. they say it encourages discrimination by businesses to turn away customers who they believe infringes on their religious beliefs. but the governor says that's not the case. >> clearly, clearly, there's been misunderstanding and confusion and mischaracterization of this law. and i come before you today to
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say how we're going to address that. leon: governor pence is asking law makemakers to get revised wording for the bill on his desk by the end of the week. already, the ncaa is questioning holding future tournaments in indianapolis as we approach the final four and a band has canceled concerts in the state. alison: the district attorney general says he thinks that mayor muriel bowser can move ahead with plans to create an all boys school designed to empower males of color. sam ford takes a look at another part of the mayor's initiative for men and boys of color that were just announced today. sam: we saw these teens most at risk learning the conservation business with the d.c. conservation corps today and being paid as part of career path d.c. mayor bowser unveiled her program that would put more at-risk males of color in office suites and today, with the chamber of commerce and other groups, announce she's seeking year-round internships in the
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work world for 100 young males of color who need role models. >> they also have a sweetness and an innocence about them and they're looking, they're searching for people to follow. sam: the mayor chancellor recently bought together such young males to talk about plans for an all male high school. as for this new program, where would they work? >> whole range of jobs in the city. this is a phenomenal chance. sam: mayor bowser has been talking about this since her inaugural address although there was some questions whether this was legal. the council member said what about the girls? >> i think we ought to focus on all at-risk children not just boys. but also girls. sam: she questions the attorney general karl racine's opinion that the approach is legal. they're waiting the approach. >> what it means to be a firefighter and what it means to be a doctor. when they have that one-on-one experience with somebody, it helps. sam: in southeast washington
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sam ford, abc 7 news. alison: coming up here at 5:00 the blossoms are getting ready to bloom. find out how metro wants to help you see them. leon: forget the gold rush. searching for the nuggets can go the way of the go-go. alison: we have an update on the firefighter who falls through the roof and it was caught on camera.
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alison: we have new information tonight after that deadly shooting outside of the national security agency. it happened monday morning and it was at the gate to fort meade along connector road just off the b.w. parkway. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live near the base with the identity of the man who was killed. brad? brad: 27 years old, he's from baltimore. the f.b.i. says that he was dressed as a woman and that it was not a disguise. now, we know a little bit more about the man tonight. we can say it wasn't a disguise because we've heard from neighbors in baltimore where he li vacant house with other men who also dressed as a woman that that was his frequent practice. he was often in the words of one of the neighbors we heard from
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up there dressed as a woman. we also learned from howard county police today that this escapade, this incident began at a hotel on route 1 in elkridge the terrace motel and that's where mr. hall and another man named kevin fleming was brought by a 60-year-old who met them on a street in baltimore and picked them for a night of "partying." there were drugs involved and they're partying at that hotel. they weren't there very long when the 60-year-old man realized that paul and fleming had taken off with his wallet and car. hall and fleming then mistakenly took a wrong turn into the n.s.a. we know what happened there. they refused an officer's orders to turn around barricades went up. the men allegedly rammed a police officer's car. there was gunfire. again, hall is the man who was killed. mr. fleming, kevin fleming is in
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the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds today. that is the latest near n.s.a. headquarters. brad bell reporting. leon: thank you, brad. today, the u.s. pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28% in the next five years is part of a treaty expected to be finalized by december stemming from a climate conference in beijing last year. the white house says the plan will involve new fuel economy standards and energy efficiency measures for appliances and for billings. the news comes in the midst of extreme temperatures in an arc ti ka. yesterday's high temperature there, all time record high of 63 degrees antarctica. as our temperatures get warmer here cherry blossoms will start popping out along the tidal basin. metro says it will suspend track work so folks can get out there and see the flowers. national park service expects them to hit bloom 2 1/2 weeks from today. alison: almost there. weather is shaping up to be pretty nice.
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doug: used to be two steps forward and two steps back. now we're going three steps forward and one step back. we're getting there. rooftop camera in arlington on a tuesday, final day of march. and with temperatures near 70 i can do my once a year cliche that march is going out like a lamb. alison: ahh! doug: indeed. we have cloudy skies and rain around the area here and temperatures still very mild. the rain coming courtesy of the cold front coming through the area. but it hasn't dropped the temperatures yet. 70 still at reagan national and the winds are west-southwesterly at 21 miles an hour. that's a warm wind direction. the winds will kick up to the north-northwest and the temperatures will start to drop. here's what we have. scattered showers in the area. no lightning strikes detected. this is just rain. patches of rain will continue to move to and through the area. there's that much of a difference in temperatures between our area in pennsylvania along this front. we'll make improvements tonight. gusty winds are a story.
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look at some of the wind gusts here. 38 miles an hour in winchester and 32 in luray with the showers coming through, possibility of a little higher gusts but as far as any advisories for the winds they're restricted to an area about 1500 feet to the west and southwest through the higher elevations and there could be wind gusts of 50 miles an hour tonight. 70 in manassas. 57 in frederick. they've been cooled off by the showers. 55 now in hagerstown. take it later tonight. if the winds kick in look how much colder it is to the north. some of the colder winds will settle to the south. 39 now at laguardia in new york. we'll see a change. this time of year and progressively so through the month of april, you'll see the warmer and warmer temperatures put the squeeze play on the cold stuff and getting 70 degree temperatures will be more and more common place through the month of april. so the warm air will move in. first, we got a cooler night here and we'll be in the upper 30's as skies clear. sunshine tomorrow. maybe a few fair weather clouds. nice day. cooler, in the mid to upper 50's. only get into thursday and the
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winds turn back to the southwest today and we'll warm up thursday until about 70 degrees. lots of sunshine and then another cold front on friday will bring more rain to the area. here's the story tonight. clearing skies, rain will end probably by 9:00 to 10:00 and move out of the area. temperatures 30's by morning. 58 tomorrow with lots of sunshine and the northwesterly breeze and then looking ahead to the next seven days, right back to the 70 degree mark on thursday. the lower 70's on friday, even though skies will be mostly cloudy good push of strong winds out of the south and southwest. we should end by midday saturday clearing and cooler weather by the afternoon. nshine and lower 60's. monday for the nats, lower to mid 60's and sunshine back to 70 on tuesday with another chance of showers. alison: love it looks good! thank you doug. full day didn't pass without controversy popping up. leon: still to come just ahead, a look at the ghost coming out of trevor noah's closet after he was named the host of "the daily show.
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"alison: first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight.
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alison: we're coming back now with some breaking news out of ohio where two kayakers are waiting to be rescued. local news stations are reporting that the pair lost a kayak in the east fork of the little miami river. that's in claremont county. you can see they're standing
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there on some structure, some area there waiting to be rescued. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you more information as it becomes available. leon: update now for you in the fire captain who fell through a burning roof in california. captain pete durn is now in critical but stable condition. he was leading a crew to create ventilation sunday afternoon on the roof of that garage there when the roof caved in on him. you can see there the flames engulfing him. he suffered second and third degree burns on nearly 75 % of his body. cause of that fire under investigation. alison: we typically get videos of chases like this out of california. this morning, this wild ride started and ended right in fairfax county. and it was in the midst of that man hunt for the escaped inmate. "7 on your side" fighting back crime investigator jennifer donelan live in fairfax withmore of that dramatic chase. jen? jennifer: we are at police headquarters in fairfax. two fairfax county police officers received minor injuries
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and as well as a virginia state trooper. also the suspect in this event today also only suffered minor injuries. all pretty much a miracle after what you're about to see. the truck, police the chase the near misses and crashes. >> wow! jennifer: was shocking to all those who watched it unfold. >> usually see that over in california. jennifer: another stunner. the person behind the wheel of this speeding pickup truck was the 36-year-old latitia tracy, wanted in arlington county for credit card and identity theft crime. >> it was a woman. >> no way! jennifer: the chase started at 7:41 tamm at fairview park. fairfax county police said one of their officers to commit a traffic crime, that hasn't been disclosed by police yet. the chase was on kicking up dust along the way and the truck later u-turned in the middle of the pursuit. there was slow traffic ahead. it was at the height of rush hour. the truck was on the median.
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a virginia state trooper attempted to disable it by hitting the rear of the truck. it spun into oncoming traffic. the cars in its path stopped in the nick of time. a fairfax county police officer attempted the same move and the truck spun and was surrounded pinned against the jersey wall. >> oh my goodness! wow, what a great job the policeman did! jennifer: out came the guns officers shattered the window and pulled tracy out. she's facing those charges in arlington as well as a host of other charges in regards to what happened this morning. reporting live from fairfax, i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. alison: what a scene out there jen. thank you. coming up at 5:00 -- >> it would be a thrill certainly. alison: find out what this 95-year-old is trying to do behind the controls of a plane. leon: a little later the plea of one of the women accuse of a shooting outside of a las vegas home in what police say was a
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road rage incident. suzanne: a prisoner escapes
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alison: he had been known as the bicycle bandit accused of robbing more than a dozen banks in northern virginia. leon: but today, wossen assaye became known as that inmate who escaped from inova fairfax hospital sparking a man hunt that lasted nearly nine hours. the 42-year-old escaped around
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3:00 a.m. and police say he carjacked not one but two cars in annandale before eventually being arrested in southeast d.c. suzanne kennedy is live outside of inova fairfax hospital tonight with a closer look at the policies for prisoner patients there. suzanne? suzanne: accused bank robber wossen assaye saw his moment to make a break when one of the two guards watching him went to the bathroom. >> the prisoner overpowered the female contract security officer, managed to get her weapon from her. suzanne: u.s. marshals say that assaye was in shackles but it's unclear if both his arms and legs were restrained at the time he took down the female officer. when her partner returned from the men's room it was too late. assaye was making the escape. >> after the initial shot was fired, he walked down the hallway with the -- from our understanding, with the female contract guard sort of as a shield.
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prisoner then escaped through a stairwell in inova fairfax hospital. suzanne: authorities say contract guards have been used in this way for at least a decade. california based allied protective services is hired by the marshal's office. this year it will make almost $65,000 for providing contract guards. hospital employees arriving to work today were fearful about what happened at their workplace. >> it's scary. but, you know, there's patients that we have to take care of. >> at this point, what about the safety for all the other patients as well as the employees? suzanne: the u.s. marshals service saying it is looking into protocol as to whether or not the proper protocol was followed in regard to the shackles on that prisoner. as for the hospital they tell us they do not have a locked ward but only follows the protocols of the individual agency in which the prisoner is in custody. reporting live in inova fairfax hospital suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news.
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leon: checking the top stories now, the f.b.i. has identified the man who was killed in yesterday's confrontation with police outside of the n.s.a. officers killed ricky hall and wounded kevin fleming when authorities said they tried to breach a gate at the n.s.a. investigators say the men were in a stolen s.u.v. from a baltimore hotel after a night of partying. it appears the men took a wrong turn off the highway leading to that deadly confrontation. alison: and d.c. becomes the latest city to ban all publicly funded travel to indiana because of that controversial religious freedom law. opponents say the law allows discrimination against gays and lesbians. supporters argue it protects business owners' religious beliefs. leon: talks on ending iran's nuclear program will continue state department says there's been enough progress to justify extending the deadline. the original deadline was for today for at least an outline of an agreement. senior political reporter scott thuman will update us on those talks coming up at 6:00.
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alison: new developments from new brunswick, canada where police have charged a man in the death of two young brothers who were killed by an escaped python. he was charged with criminal negligence causing death. that python escaped its enclosure inside his apartment before strangling the boys in their sleep. and they were staying there for a sleepover. leon: just one day after being named the new host of "the daily show" trevor noah is now facing social media backlash for offensive tweets. noah is a 31-year-old biracial south african comedian. now, his controversial tweets were posted between 2009 and 2014. the graphic tweets targeted women, jews and middle america. comedy central defending noah and is asking people to not judge him based on a handful of jokes, in their words. alison: let's get a check of the traffic situation this afternoon with jamie sullivan. hi there. jamie: it's going to be a slow one in some spots. i want to begin where we are slow on the beltway. mainly seeing this right near
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the american legion bridge. about 10 miles per hour and continuing to get a little bit closer to 270, we're only at 11. this is typical for the afternoon. nothing that we're not used to. i want to take a live look 270 near tuckerman lane to show you how slow that traffic is right now. this gives you a good idea and this is our traffic on 270 heading out working your way northbound getting a little bit closer to gaithersburg in rockville. as we go back let's talk maryland. we average about 27 miles per hour through college park. you're heading north on 95 had an earlier crash near the i.c.c. that is now gone. as far as our volume heading up on the baltimore washington parkway, really slow passing by nasa goddard and we get a little bit of a break and a live look in silver spring. show you just an idea of what it looks like right now to show you how congested we are seeing it. this is georgia avenue near downtown silver spring. brake lights we're seeing and wet roads. keep this many mind. getting out there this evening,
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you may see some wet spots in some areas. use caution. that's a look at traffic. back to you. leon: from the ground to the air now. a 95-year-old man in california is hoping to pilot himself into the record books. yesterday, pete webber attempted an important flight. one, in fact that could make him the oldest pilot in the world still flying. the decorated air force pilot flew combat missions in two wars and now, he says, he's ready to take on a new title. however short lived it might be. >> and somewhere else comes along, a little bit later and older. more power to him. i'd be glad to shake his hand or call him up and congratulate him. leon: looks like he could arm wrestle him. he's going to keep flying as long as he can pass his physical. good luck. alison: this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. on may 8th, nearly 70 vintage aircrafts will fill the skies over washington to commemorate
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the allied victory in europe. the next day several of the aircraft will be on display at the smithsonian's center. of course in chantilly. organizers received special clearance from the federal government for the national mall flyover. new research shows anne frank may have died a month earlier than previously thought. two researchers at the anne frank house museum say that she most likely died in february of 1945. that conclusion was published today, the 70th anniversary of the official date of the death of anne frank. the research is based on eyewitness accounts and documents and at least one new interview. she died at the age of 15 in a concentration camp. leon: so close to seeing the end of that war, too. all right. coming up here at 5:00 just ahead -- reporter: hard questions tonight about the death status after a police officer is killed in a car crash. i'm brad bell. coming up, why the questions and why that status is unlikely to change.
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alison: but first what's 10 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds and just disappeared? we'll have the answer. leon: and then tonight at 6:00 a former f.b.i. agent admits to taking heroin from evidence compromising dozens of cases. what he
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leon: police are searching for whoever it was that stole a 10 foot tall 300 pound metal rooster. this is in georgia. it's rocket the rusty rooster. rocket disappeared from lexington vintage sometime friday night or saturday morning. the owners say the rooster attracted attention to the store. >> that was a huge chunk of my advertising budget to try to get some attention for my business. >> somebody had to work pretty hard to get him out of the ground and to hide the rooster going down the road. leon: the rooster was set to be welded to a 15 foot platform on saturday but was stolen before they had a chance to put it up there and secure it. estimated value of the artwork is $3,000 meaning whoever stole it could face a felony charge. a state wildlife official in alaska says a bear pair has broken into several garages. one bear in particular, a 3-year-old or 4-year-old male is behind the break-ins in one
5:41 pm
kodiak neighborhood in bellflats. they believe it's the same bear that's been causing problems in that area last year. last week a bear broke into a freezer inside of a garage and feasted on venison, rhubarb and nuts. alison: ok. stop me if you've heard this one. a coyote walks into a bar. no, really. a man in new york took these pictures from his office in queens last night. they showed a coyote on the roof of a bar. two new york police officers with a tranquillizer gun tried to catch it but the animal escaped into the window of an abandoned factory next door and has not been seen since. leon: no idea if the bar was a coyote ugly bar? wouldn't that be perfect? seen on top of the bar dancing. no. not going to happen. all right, get ready for big changes at the district's union market. the d.c. zoning commission unanimously cleared the way to add a movie theater and apartments to that complex in northeast. the washington business journal reports the editions will add
5:42 pm
some 19,500 square feet. alison: get ready to lose a bit of sparkle from the world. find out how long we have until we run out of diamonds and gold? leon: plus -- >> to really be at that moment now where all that came together, put him in the position that he is to go to the final four, missed it. leon: a local mother opens up about her son's bittersweet road to this weekend's final four.
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leon: new developments in nevada tonight where the alleged getaway driver pleaded not guilty today. derek andrews was charged with murder in the shooting of tammy meyers. man accused of pulling the trigger already pleaded not guilty to that same charge. prosecutors will decide later this week whether to seek the death penalty for both. alison: still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 tonight, the questions being asked after an inmate escapes custody in the hospital setting off that nine hour man hunt. news chopper 7 captured the dramatic end to a car chase that happened through fairfax county.
5:46 pm
but just what rules are in place to try to protect the public from such a dangerous scenario? and a new ranking of just how bad traffic in this area really is where d.c. ranks all new tonight at 6:00. leon: speaking of where d.c. ranks, d.c.'s mayor is less than an hour away from giving her first state of the city speech. our roz slater is outside of the theater and has a preview of what she's expected to say tonight. hey, roz. roz: i switched up on you a little bit. i'm at the lincoln theater and the doors open at 5:30. people are pouring in. they began lining up at 4:00 tonight. this is a pretty popular place to be, apparently, they expect a full house. we don't know if the mayor will make any big surprise announcements. we do know in fact though what her theme is tonight and that is halfway into the middle today, she round up a tour in which she's been talking all week about that very issue and
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she announced a number of initiatives to accomplish that goal while what she says will be the cornerstone of her time in office. she has said that will include job training and improving the city's schools affordable housing, something she's already said will get $100 million commitment a year. she rolls out her budget in a couple of days. perhaps, we'll find out more about how she plans to pay for all of this. she's expected to talk about d.c.'s new marijuana law about crime, about economic development and, perhaps, she'll mention a new travel ban she just announced tonight for d.c. workers and officers. no travel to indiana because of that state's gnaw law thought to be discriminatory against the gay community. there is a lot of territory to cover. she's expected to start speaking about 6:30 and we'll carry it live on our sister station newschannel 8 and we'll have more information for you. a wrap-up and highlights of it coming up when we see you at 11:00. for now, we're live, i'm roz slater, abc 7 news. leon: watch your back there,
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roz. things are starting to get filled up there. the rolling stones are officially heading back to the u.s. the band announced 15 tour dates in north america today. unfortunately, none of them are in d.c. or baltimore, though. closest the band gets to this area is raleigh, north carolina. that tour starts may 24th in san diego. nasa says a comet took the planet mercury and painted it black. the planet looks so dark because microscopic meteorites from comets may have left enough carbon on the planet to stop reflecting light. this study appears in today's journal nature geoscience. alison: let's get a check from doug on the weather. we had a nice start to the day but the rain is here. doug: the rain is here as expected with the cold front. temperatures will drop later tonight. quick update on the doppler radar and right now, we still have no lightning strikes even though we have heavier downpours around the maryland-pennsylvania line and we'll have periods of rain for the next several hours ahead of the front. here's some changes. wind adviseoryiesy has been in effect
5:49 pm
in the mountainous areas and even washington and everywhere shaded in tan winds could gust over the next few hours to 50 miles per hour. quick look at current wind gusts, 35 miles per hour at quantico. 33 at reagan national airport. our futurecast taking all the precipitation out by 11:00, there will be clearing outside. temperatures would be dropping and nice clear sunny day tomorrow. looks nice tomorrow. just a bit cooler than what we have today. 37 when you wake up with a bit of a breeze and then through the day tomorrow we'll see temperatures in the mid 50's with sunshine and a nice day. even warmer temperatures into thursday. even warmer friday. but showers with another cold front friday into saturday morning. clearing on easter sunday. well, no thunderstorms to watch right now but steve rudin is out in front of the building here in rosslyn and he's found some interesting ways to take a look at thunderstorms. steve: from way, way above. this is from the international space station. 200 miles above the earth's surface. you can see this thunderstorm across central africa. this is from yesterday. and if you look really really
5:50 pm
closely, the electrical discharge from above the clouds those are so-called sprites and we can see those flashing above the surface of the clouds. this is from central africa 200 miles above the earth's surface. thankfully, we don't have any thunderstorms in our forecast at least not right now. doug will be back at 6:00 and freshen up the forecast and take another look at doppler radar. let's head back to the newsdesk alison leon and tim. alison: ok, steve, thank you. leon: good deal. what's cooking? tim: breaking news coming into wjla/abc 7 and it's disappointing for georgetown fans. rivera has decided to get an agent, forego his final year of eligibility and turn pro. he was first team all big east this season and clear leader in the driving force behind the hoyas success. more coming up later in sports. it doesn't happen very often but all four of the top seeds in college women's basketball have made it to the final four. maryland terrapins are headed back for the second straight year and they arrived home early this morning with their hearts pumping and adrenalin still
5:51 pm
flowing after winning the spokane regional championship. they play uconn sunday night at 8:30 in the national semifinals. on the men's side three of the four top seeds are still alive and the blue devils have a washingtonian leading them to the promised land. >> was amazing. tim: janet cook's road to the final four has been exhilarating and emotional. >> a little bit because i was thinking about ted, my husband, who is now deceased. tim: janet's son quinn is a star guard at duke. quinn's father ted got him started in basketball very very early. ted died of a heart attack eight years ago when quinn was just 14. >> the time that he put into molding quinn, the leadership the discipline. tim: quinn went on to play at dematha and then to duke and now as a senior he's in his first final four. >> to really be at that moment now where all that came together to put him in position that he is to go to the final four ted
5:52 pm
missed it. tim: as the seconds ticked away sunday cameras captured a hug for the ages. coach k and quinn cook. >> it was breathtaking to see. he's thinking coach, we did it! my team, we did it! more like dad, we did it! tim: janet duke blue nails and all will travel to indianapolis and then a bigger day awaits, quinn's graduation. >> once we win the final four yes, i said it once we win the championship, i'll be elated. i think i'll be as elated when he walks across that stage. tim: i don't know about the final four but the graduation is huge. he's got a future. he can make some money playing basketball. leon: good enough to make a terp root for a duky? tim: i love those guys.
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leon: "7 on your side" with a
5:56 pm
consumer alert now. investment bank goldman-sachs says the world is running out of gold and diamonds. stuff we can get to. a new report says the world will be out of mineable gold and diamonds in two decades and the report says the production of gold could peak later this year and begin to decline. mineable reserves platinum copper and nickel have about 40 years left. the supreme court is siding with the state of idaho in its medicaid paid dispute in a 5-4 decision. the nation's highest court ruled th care providers cannot sue the four states to raise their medicaid reimbursement rates to keep up with rising medical costs. that ruling is a blow to many doctors and health care companies that complain medicaid reimbursement rates are so low. they often lose money seeing patients participating in the program. alison? alison: leon questions behind the scenes tonight about the death of an off-duty police officer. some officers are asking if the officer's death should be listed as in the line of duty after police revealed he had alcohol
5:57 pm
in his system as he tried to catch a speeding car. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the story. brad: two weeks ago, prince george's county police officer brennan robain was laid to rest with full honors. days before the 26-year-old died in a crash ruled in the line of duty because though technically off duty he was in pursuit of a 100-mile-an-hour speeder on greenbelt road. >> to the end, he was serving the community with no concern of his own safety. brad: last friday a bombshell. at the time of the crash, his blood alcohol content was .07, enough for a possible charge of driving while impaired. tonight, the officers union president says that changes nothing. >> this was a line of duty death and this will stand behind this officer who will defend. brad: jones says his name will be engraved on the union's police officers memorial and he responds to anonymous critics by
5:58 pm
citing federal law which states an officer who takes police action even if he's been drinking is acting in the line of duty. >> we're police officers all the time. brad: county residents we spoke to agree. >> he is not perfect but he was an officer and he did his best to protect us and keep us safe. brad: tonight as a memorial still stands here at the scene of the accident the prince george's county police chief is issuing a statement saying that he stands firmly behind his decision that what happened here was a line of duty death. in greenbelt, brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: and that's it for abc 7 news 5:00. leon: coming up at 6:00, it was wild all right. an inmate escape puts a hospital under lockdown and leaves a community under siege. the break of the case that puts a suspected bank robber back
5:59 pm
behind bars. alison: a woman arrested accused of leading police on a wild chase. the rules in place that makes sure scenes like this don't put your life at risk. leon: why the u.s. is willing to extend the deadline that j expired right now on abc 7 news at 6:00. maureen: first at 6:00 an end to the intense man hunt that put this entire area on alert. it began this morning when police say an inmate overpowered a guard at inova fairfax hospital and stole a gun and carjacked two people. later, wossen assaye was taken into custody and now the accused bank robber is facing more charges. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live outside of the federal courthouse in alexandria where assaye just faced a judge. jeff: today in court, 42-year-old wossen assaye was heavily shackled and closely
6:00 pm
guarded by four deputy u.s. marshals. he was officially charged with escaping the custody of the u.s. attorney general following a frightening and fast moving man hunt. the man hunt for wossen assaye started at 3:00 a.m. at inova hospital, the suspect under observation after a suicide attempt several days ago at the alexandria city jail. he managed to get loose from two security officers, a man and a woman, grabbing the female's gun followed by the male officer fewering a -- firing a shot. no one was hit as assaye kept moving. >> walked down the hallway from our understanding with the female contract guard sort of as a shield. jeff: he covered a lot of ground after escaping the hospital. a carjacking that ended off backlick road another carjacking and his eventua


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